Tasty chicken. Legendary chillies. A fiery culture!

Nando’s is a food chain that specialises in afro-portugeuse peri-peri chicken that has blown up in the last few years and become an international phenomenon. With a strong brand culture and focused company values, Nando’s sports an outgoing, inviting and very creative brand identity.

The services I provided:

Creative Design

The Brief:

Provide design services for a variety of collateral. All with a side of cheeky puns, the Nando’s flare and the companies core values to represent. All assets with tight turnover deadlines to meet the pace of a busy international company.

The Result:

A series of posters for recruitment, charity events, restaurant updates, competitions and more. Signage elements used during pride for Nando’s to show their colours. The Nando’s UK Christmas handbook and a 12 days of christmas table-topper marketing campaign. (plus various other designs)

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